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LWG’s Fave Bubblegum Trad Tattoos by Brooklyn

Working at Westside Tattoo in Brisbane, Australia, Brooklyn’s tattoos blur the lines between traditional and neo traditional. They could be described as cute traditional, but we love and prefer the term coined by tattoo artists themselves: bubblegum trad.

Anything you love in life, Brooklyn can turn into a tattoo that you’ll love even more. Pet portraits, Australian natives (flora and fauna), stylised pop culture pieces, chibi, kawaii, music and lyrics, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, and even a meme. We mean anything.

We tried our best to select tattoos featuring themes that we’ve not yet covered on LWG, which in turn means we now have more inspiration for future posts.

As an Aussie artist, it was either through a local tattoo magazine, or through our research (and subsequent article that we published on a tattoo website) that we first discovered Brooklyn. After all those years, she continues to produce solid and extremely cute bubblegum trad tattoos.

Brooklyn is one of those artists who you just want to share every single tattoo they’ve posted online. Once you’ve looked through the pieces we selected and posted below, be sure to follow Brooklyn on Instagram @bklynbeee.

2020 as a sad girl face. Tattoo by @bklynbeee
Forest Spirit (Studio Ghibli) tattoo by @bklynbeee
Gumnut baby tattoo by @bklynbeee
Ghost lamp tattoo by @bklynbeee
Jacaranda posy tattoo by @bklynbeee
Baby ninja sloth tattoo by @bklynbeee
Bouquet of greenery tattoo by @bklynbeee
Knit fast, die warm. Tattoo by @bklynbeee
Chibi No Face tattoo by @bklynbeee
Floral fairy tattoo by @bklynbeee
Nacho baby. Spicy guacamole and chip tattoo by @bklynbeee
Raccoon meme x Smashing Pumpkins ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ tattoo by @bklynbeee