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LWG’s 14 Favourite Love Heart Tattoos for Valentine’s Day

It’s that day of the year that people love or dread: Valentine’s Day!

The idea sprung to mind to make a post of love heart or love themed tattoos for the day. We were surprised to see that last year we apparently published a Top 25 Love Heart Tattoos for Valentine’s Day post – after 700 posts it difficult to keep track of what we have and what we haven’t covered!

This time around, we’ve gone through our posts from the past 12 months and have selected 14 of our favourite tattoos which feature love hearts.

If you don’t have a Valentine this year, show yourself some love by getting a new tattoo!

Decorative love heart Up tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn
Sparkly Hey Arnold! hand and locket tattoo by @goldlagrimas
Neo trad sleeping ferrets tattoo by @toriewartoothtattoo
Ned Flanders sparkly love heart tattoo by @dollytattoos
Daria and Jane Lane sparkly love heart tattoo by @keelyglitters
Ariana Grande candy hearts themed tattoo by @goldlagrimas
Rick and Morty love heart tattoo by @alexrowntreetattoo
Kurt Cobain and his heart shaped box tattoo by @carly.kawaii
Sparkly Dolly Parton love heart tattoo by @kellymcgrathart
Give Em Hell Kid candy hearts tattoo by @roxyrydertattoo
Aladdin and Lion King love heart tattoos by @tattoosbyjaclyn
Paramore “That’s What You Get” lyrics anatomical and love hearts tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo
Ehh. Lisa Simpson love heart tattoo by @alexstrangler
Ghost, coffin and candy heart tattoo by @alexstrangler

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day is full of more love than Ralph’s!

Sad Ralph Wiggum tattoo by @stickypop