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‘Lizzie McGuire’ Tattoo Inspiration

Being a later 80s/early 90s kid you likely obsessively watched the Disney Channel every day after school.

The 2001-2004 era introduced us to Hilary Duff and brought us Lizzie McGuire. Created by Terri Minsky, the show ran for a total of 2 seasons and 65 episodes.

Oddly, The Lizzie McGuire Movie – where the characters graduate from middle school – was released while the show was still airing season 2 episodes. The final Lizzie McGuire episode wasn’t broadcast until February 2004 – despite this error in the timeline, both the film and the television show remain firm favourites.

Lizzie and her classmates were known for their fun hairstyles and crazy fashion; they were the epitome of early 2000s fashion. Besides the aesthetics, the show focused on mostly relatable teen situations, taught morals and valuable lessons, and emphasised the importance of friendship.

Disney+ announced a new season for their streaming service, returning to Lizzie’s life as a 30-year-old.

Since Lizzie McGuire will be returning to our screens in 2020, will you be adding a Lizzie McGuire tattoo to your collection?

Lizzie McGuire tattoo by @katweir
Lizzie McGuire tattoo by @curlsjrtattoos
Lizzie McGuire love heart tattoo by @alexstrangler