It’s a Zoo Out There! LWG’s Guide to the Best Animal Tattoos

Did you know? Almost 15% of the lists on LWG are animal themed – that’s over 120 different animals and species… so far.

The animal kingdom is so vast that there’s still hundreds more that we’ve yet to cover. We’ll continue to go on tattoo safaris in order to hunt down the best animal tattoos online for you.

Of the 100-plus animals already featured, there’s cat and dog breeds, different bird species, uniquely Australian animals, and a myriad of other (mainly) mammals.

Scroll through this compilation to see some incredible animal tattoos by talented tattooers. We’d also love to know which animals you would like to see next.

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Ibis Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad ibis and beer can tattoo by @bock_city

Top 20 Greyhound, Italian Greyhound + Whippet Tattoos

Gone With The Wind styled greyhounds tattoo by @lucylucyhorsehead

Blobfish Tattoo Inspiration

Blobfish birthday party tattoo by @melvin_arizmendi

Cassowary Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad cassowary tattoo by @eddylou

Top 10 Staffy Tattoos

New school baby staffy tattoo by @joshpeacock_obe1

Echidna Tattoo Inspiration

Floral wombat and echidna tattoo by @katweir

Cute Clothed Creature Tattoos by Sadee Glover

Smoking and cycling mouse tattoo by @sadee_glover

Top 40 French Bulldog Tattoos

Graphic abstract black and grey French bulldog tattoo by @mrcoffee85

Top 15 Kingfisher Tattoos

Colour realism kingfisher tattoo by @frederickbain_tattoo

Top 35 Narwhal Tattoos

Kawaii neo trad narwhal tattoo by @carly.kawaii

Wiener Dog Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad dachshund hot dog tattoo by @aimeebrayart

Top 30 Duck Tattoos

Duck family tattoo by @adamcornishtattooer

Okapi Tattoo Inspiration

Illustrative okapi tattoo by @justintauchtattoos

Top 15 Doberman Tattoos

Abstract new school doberman tattoo by @spendlotattoo

Chinchilla Tattoo Inspiration

Abstract illustrative chinchilla tattoo by @hllywd_homicide

Top 20 Australian Magpie Tattoos

Neo trad Australian magpie tattoo by @carlosransom

Top 6 Honey Badger Tattoos

New school honey badger tattoo by @steven_compton

Top 25 Polar Bear Tattoos

Walrus and polar bear full back piece by @emily_rose_murray

Top 20 Dachshund Tattoos

Neo trad dachshund tattoo by @jeanleroux

Top 30 Chicken Tattoos

New school chicken tattoo by @lindsaybugbaker

Top 100 Squirrel Tattoos [Part 1]

Sleeping squirrel tattoo by @amybrayart

Gang-Gang Cockatoo Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad gang-gang tattoo by @clareclarity

Top 100 Squirrel Tattoos [Part 2]

Graphic squirrel tattoo by @virginiebtattoo

Top 10 Pomeranian Tattoos

Cute neo trad pomeranian tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn

Top 20 Toucan Tattoos

Top 20 Toucan Tattoos

Disneyfied Pet Portrait Tattoos by Nikki Rex

Penny and Jude Disneyfied. Tattoo by @nikkirex

Top 15 Cockatoo Tattoos

Colour realism cockatoo tattoo by @frederickbain_tattoo

Top 10 Collie Tattoos

Neo trad collie tattoo by @lillehildetattoo

Top 15 Wombat Tattoos

Tattoo collab by @rhihusty (wombat) and @clareclarity (hibiscus and acacia)

Top 15 Husky Tattoos

Colour realism husky tattoo by @alex_crook_tattooist

Top 20 Heron Tattoos

Illustrative neo trad heron tattoo by @petalspuppet

Dormouse Tattoo Inspiration

Illustrative sleepy dormouse tattoo by @amyvsavage

Top 35 Opossum Tattoos

Cute traditional style opossum tattoo by

Top 10 Crane Tattoos

South Africa’s national flower and bird: the protea and blue crane. Tattoo by @lady_fts

Top 15 Boston Terrier Tattoos

Colour realism Boston terrier tattoo by @stevebutchertattoos

Top 30 Puffin Tattoos

Traditional style puffin tattoo by @hughsheldontattoo

Top 20 Kawaii Kitty Tattoos

Sparkly kawaii kitties tattoo by @kellymcgrathart

Top 25 Blue Tit Tattoos

Neo trad blue tits and flowers tattoo by @alexrowntreetattoo

Top 10 Golden Retriever Tattoos

Black and grey realism golden retriever puppy tattoo by @toddbaileytattoo

Top 45 Axolotl Tattoos

Illustrative axolotl tattoo by @aimeebrayart

Top 15 Dalmatian Tattoos

Neo trad dalmatian tattoo by @ericmoren0

Top 10 Turkey Tattoos

Illustrative neo trad turkey tattoo by @fabingg

Bug Out Over These Insect Tattoos by Zoe Margot

Modest Mouse inspired fly in a jar tattoo by @batsforbrains

Top 25 Cardinal Tattoos

Neo trad cardinal tattoo by @davewahtattoos

Top 20 Poodle Tattoos

Pink poodle tattoo by @goldlagrimas

Top 10 Tasmanian Devil Tattoos

Australian natives and Tasmanian devil tattoo by @melaniemilnetattoos

Top 25 Hedgehog Tattoos

Traditional style hedgehog tattoo by @avalontattoo

Roller Bird Tattoo Inspiration

Healed lilac breasted roller birds tattoo by @jawtattoos

Top 10 Great Dane Tattoos

Illustrative neo trad great dane tattoo by @timtavaria

Top 40 Bat Tattoos

Honduran bats in a pea pod tattoo by @filthyswede

Top 30 Black Cat Tattoos

Traditional black cat and jack-‘o-lantern tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos

Yorkshire Terrier Tattoo Inspiration

Painterly colour realism yorkie tattoo by @missozsvart_everesttattoo

Top 10 Chicken Tattoos by Avalon Todaro (@avalontattoo)

Chick and hen tattoo by @avalontattoo

Kawaii Dog Tattoo Inspiration

Sparkly doggy bubble bath tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo

Top 15 Dolphin Tattoos

Colour realism dolphins tattoo by @lizvenom

Top 20 Fennec Fox Tattoos

Neo trad floral fennec fox tattoo by @krishtattoo

Basset Hound Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad basset hound tattoo by @jodydawber

Top 20 Blue Jay Tattoos

New school blue jay tattoo by @aaron_springs

Top 40 Pug Tattoos

Pair of neo trad pugs tattoo by @clareclarity

Harry Potter Themed Animal Tattoos

Neo trad Harry Potter themed otter tattoo by @earthgrasper

Top 20 Kookaburra Tattoos

Neo trad waratahs and kookaburra tattoo by @creemccahill

Spaniel Tattoo Inspiration

Abstract colour realism cocker spaniel tattoo by @sandradaukshtatattoo

Top 40 Raccoon Tattoos

Black and grey realism raccoon tattoo by @jamiemahood

Top 30 Chihuahua Tattoos

Loki the chihuahua tattoo by @tomwagstaff

Top 10 Siamese Cat Tattoos

New school Siamese cat tattoo by @jerome_crazycaps

Top 25 Pigeon Tattoos

Traditional pigeon tattoo by

Tasmanian Tiger Tattoo Inspiration

Tasmanian tea party. Tasmanian tiger and Tasmanian devil enjoying some ANZAC biscuits and Vegemite sandwiches with their tea. Tattoo by @rhihusty

Top 20 Boxer Tattoos

Colour realism boxer tattoo by @thebakery

Top 20 Badger Tattoos

Neo trad badger, helleborne and blackberry tattoo by @lydiatattoos

You’ll Go Berserk Over Alice Burke’s Adorable Animal Tattoos

Neo trad lady panda tattoo by @ali_burke_tattoo

Top 10 Labrador Tattoos

Trio of Labrador paw prints tattoo by @benreigle

Top 15 Tattoos for World Parrot Day

Neo trad Kea bird tattoo by @drewshallis

Top 15 Orangutan Tattoos

Neo trad orangutan tattoo by @brendanboz

Top 50 Robin Tattoos

Colour realism robin tattoo by @jordancroketattoo

Maine Coon Tattoo Inspiration

Stylised neo trad Maine Coon tattoo by @paulacastletattoos

Shih Tzu Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad shih tzu tattoo by @deboracherrys

Top 7 Willy Wagtail Tattoos

Traditional willy wagtail tattoo by @avalontattoo

Top 10 Bird Tattoos by Charlotte Timmons (@charlotte_eleanor88)

Half sleeve bird tattoo by @charlotte_eleanor88

Top 35 Hamster Tattoos

Floral love heart and hamster tattoo by @charlotte_eleanor88

Fox Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad fox tattoo by @ebony_mellowship

Bengal Cat Tattoo Inspiration

Healed neo trad Bengal cat tattoo by @marielleroyseth_art

Top 15 Geese Tattoos

Blackwork geese tattoo by @lisaorth

Schnauzer Tattoo Inspiration

Stylised neo trad schnauzer tattoo by @nosolocolor

Creepy Cat Tattoos by Iris Lys

Devil cat tattoo by @iris_lys

Pheasant Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism pheasant tattoo by @hannahtattoos

Top 15 Shiba Inu Tattoos

Illustrative Shiba Inu and Daruma tattoo by @jessica_penfold

Kawaii Animal Tattoo Inspiration

Kawaii ray tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo

Top 30 Penguin Tattoos

Neo trad snowflakes and penguin family tattoo by @ninmesarra

Top 20 Reindeer Tattoos

Vintage styled reindeer tattoo by @meganmassacre

Top 25 Spoopy Bat Tattoos

Sparkly spoopy bat tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo

Top 50 Koala Tattoos

Party koala tattoo by @tanvandenbroek

Top 10 Budgerigar Tattoos

Pair of budgies tattoo by @avalontattoo

Top 15 Rottweiler Tattoos

Colour realism rottweiler tattoo by @lizcooktattoo

Top 25 Platypus Tattoos

Neo trad platypus tattoo by @tgarciatattoo

Top 30 Orca Tattoos

Neo trad orcas tattoo by @atelierkaninchenbau

Top 20 Pit Bull Tattoos

Colour realism pit bull tattoo by @paulmarino917

Top 20 Beaver Tattoos

New school redneck beaver tattoo by @mikecanntattoos

Top 15 Chimpanzee Tattoos

Mixed style neo Japanese and colour realism chrysanthemum and chimpanzee tattoo by @yogi_barrett

Top 40 Eurasian Magpie Tattoos

Eurasian magpie coffin tattoo by @chase_tattoos

Top 20 English Bulldog Tattoos

Colour realism English bulldog tattoo by @nikkohurtado

Pine Marten Tattoo Inspiration

Illustrative watercolour pine marten tattoo by

Top 10 Blue-Footed Booby Tattoos

Traditional style blue-footed booby tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos

Top 30 Corgi Tattoos

Bold neo trad corgi tattoo by @katietattoos

Persian Cat Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad Persian cat tattoo by @jawtattoos

Top 10 Dodo Tattoos

Illustrative traditional dodo tattoo by @fabingg

Animal UFO Abduction Tattoos by Steph Newton (@stephthehuman)

Kitty UFO abduction tattoo by @stephthehuman

Saint Bernard Tattoo Inspiration

Black and grey realism Saint Bernard tattoo by @ashhighamtattoos

Top 15 Galah Tattoos

Neo trad galah and wattle tattoo by @drewshallis

Top 10 Laika Tattoos

Blackwork Laika tattoo by @eddylou

Top 10 Quokka Tattoos

Quokka tattoo by @rhihusty

Top 10 Chickadee Tattoos

New school coffee and chickadee tattoo by @joshwoods

Amazing and Absurd Animal Tattoos by Chelsea Shoneck

Llamingo – llama x flamingo tattoo by @chelseashoneck

German Shepherd Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism German shepherd pet portrait tattoo by @davidcorden

Top 20 Vulture Tattoos

Neo trad vulture chest piece tattoo by @katabdy

Top 25 Ferret Tattoos

Neo trad sleeping ferrets tattoo by @toriewartoothtattoo

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Tattoo Inspiration

Illustrative Major Mitchell’s cockatoo tattoo by @drea.darling

Top 20 Sphynx Cat Tattoos

Stylised Sphynx cats tattoo by @olie_siiz

Mastiff Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism mastiff cover up tattoo by @padthelad2012

Kiwi Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad kiwi tattoo by @fruduva

Top 15 Snow Leopard Tattoos

Top 10 Snow Leopard Tattoos

Top 15 Walrus Tattoos

Bejewelled walrus tattoo by @darylwatsontattoo

Top 15 Pelican Tattoos

Neo trad sailor pelican tattoo by @jeanleroux

Top 15 Beagle Tattoos

Regal beagle tattoo by @kshocs

Cockatiel Tattoo Inspiration

Cockatiel and pomegranate tattoo by @katabdy