Star Wars

Imperial Guard Tattoo Inspiration

Imperial Guard, Imperial Royal Guard, or Emperor’s Royal Guard – whatever you want to call them, here’s some tattoo inspiration for you.

It’s all about the tattoo artists’ use of highlight in these pieces. Along with the addition of shading and hints of white, these tattoos have the dimension they need to avoid them looking like a big red blob of ink on their client’s skin.

Not a fan of colour tattoos? No problem. The robe and armour of the guards is what they’re recognised for; a blackwork or black and grey tattoo will still look just as great as a neo trad or colour realism piece.

Select your tattoo artist carefully – any of the ones featured throughout Star Wars Month could give you an amazing Imperial Guard tattoo.

Neo trad Imperial Guard tattoo by @pony_tbr
New school Imperial Guard styled as a King. Tattoo by @timmy_b_413
Colour realism Imperial Guard tattoo by @kevinfurnesstattoo
Colour realism Imperial Guard tattoo by @xuama

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