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Grapefruit Tattoo Inspiration


Sweet, sour, and slightly bitter (sounds like a description of my personality – editor), the grapefruit is a citrus fruit which¬†didn’t actually exist until the 17th century. A grapefruit is an orange and pomelo hybrid – it is suspected to be a natural accident, but a tasty one!

Grapefruits were eventually introduced to the United States in the 19th century and, in the hundreds of years since, several varieties have been developed. Once the fruit was considered its own separate species it underwent a name change. While the fruit has no connection to grapes, they grow on the tree in a cluster like a bunch of grapes, and have come to be known as grapefruit.

Now that the history lesson is over, it’s time to direct your attention to your tattoo planning. Your idea for a grapefruit tattoo may feature a whole fruit, a segment, some leaves or the tree’s white four-petaled flowers – or take things up a notch and get really creative by involving something unusual like a planet or some other totally unrelated theme.

Don’t be the like the origin of the grapefruit and just rely on hope to make a happy accident when it comes to your tattoo. Take sufficient time to research tattoo artists, or even consider booking an appointment with any of those whose work we’ve featured below!


Sparkly traditional grapefruit tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos
New school grapefruit cocktail tattoo by @ericdiaztattoos
Neptune x grapefruit tattoo by @ell_torres_tattoos
Kawaii grapefruits tattoo by @tattoosbymeri
Neo trad floral grapefruit tattoo by @hanahelizabethtattoo
Traditional hibiscus, golden poppy and grapefruit tattoo by @juliacampione
Kawaii grapefruit tattoo by @raycorson
Traditional style grapefruit tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos

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