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From Pups to Pop Culture: The Incredible Colour Realism Tattoos of David Corden

Semper Tattoo in Edinburgh, Scotland is the place to go if you’re after a pup or pop culture realism tattoo. There you will find David Corden who produces realism tattoos that will blow your mind. Incredibly talented is an understatement.

It’s not just celebrities or sportspeople of which David creates tattoos, but also some really personal portraits. If you view his Instagram profile you’ll find pinups and portraits of clients’ babies, children or mothers, mainly in colour with the occasional black and grey piece.

These photorealism pieces can trick your mind and make it difficult to believe that they’re tattoos. Time after time, David produces such smooth, flawless and lifelike portraits.

Over the years, David has tattooed an abundance of dog portraits – we’ve selected a few cuties along with some pop culture icons from music, film and television. Click here to view more posts David has featured in on LWG.

Will you be taking a trip to Scotland in the future to get tattooed by David Corden?

Colour realism Prince portrait tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism Staffy tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism Mr Humphries (Are You Being Served) portrait tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism bull terrier tattoo by @davidcorden
Half healed, half fresh Blade Runner tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism black labdrador tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz) tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism Great Dane tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism Jareth the Goblin King tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism German shepherd pet portrait tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism Lemmy portrait tattoo by @davidcorden
Colour realism The Dude portrait tattoo by @davidcorden