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Cockatiel Tattoo Inspiration


The final member of the cockatoo family to be featured, the cockatiel is the second most popular bird to be kept as a pet.

Native to Australia and the smallest type of cockatoo, cockatiels are full of personality and are known to talk and sing melodies.

Cockatiels have predominantly grey and white plumage on their bodies, with some flashes of yellow. Similar to the gang-gang cockatoo, it is the males with the colourful yellow and white faces, while the females’ is grey like their bodies; although, both sexes have circles of orange on their ears.

There are, however, a number of colour mutations with cockatiels so your pet cockatiel may look different to those in the tattoos featured below.

Cockatiels have a significantly reduced lifespan compared to other cockatoo species, so a cockatiel tattoo may serve the purpose as a pet memorial piece. For your tattoo, consider adding some extra elements specific to your cockatiel, whether it be its favourite food, a toy, or even a song lyric or quote.

A pet tattoo is always that little bit more special, so make sure the tattoo is how you truly want it to be. Write a few dot points or create a vision board to give your tattoo artist, then allow them to create something uniquely perfect for you.


Neo trad cockatiel and pomegranate tattoo by @katabdy
Cockatiel tattoo by @tiggytattoos
Cockatiel and African violets tattoo by @jake_thorsell
Decorative illustrative cockatiel tattoo by @darylwatsontattoo
Traditional cockatiel tattoo by @avalontattoo
Neo trad cockatiel tattoo by @darylwatsontattoo
Cockatiel tattoo by @katherinesmithtattoo
Cockatiel tattoo by @rintattoo

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