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Bret Hart x ‘The Simpsons’ Tattoo Inspiration

Being so ingrained in American culture, wrestling has featured in several episodes of The Simpsons. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Jesse Ventura, along with a number of spoof and original wrestlers have made an appearance over the years.

After 30 years of The Simpsons, Bret Hart remains the only wrestler to have guest starred and voiced himself on the animated television show. Celebrate this milestone or combine your love for both wrestling and The Simpsons with a new bit of ink.

Check out these tattoos, but remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.

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Bret Hart x Simpsons tattoo by @chris_jenko_tattooer
Bret Hart x The Simpsons tattoo by @joshhermantattoo
Bret Hart x Simpsons tattoo by @nagle_tattoo