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Blackberry Tattoo Inspiration


Blackberries – sometimes called brambleberry – are a species of blackberry in the rose family. Despite their name, they’re technically not a berry, and they’re also not black, but actually a shade of dark purple.

Wild blackberries are considered an invasive weed in certain countries, yet still they are cultivated and sold in supermarkets of these same countries. Many of you reading this probably spent many an afternoon as a child going blackberry picking; the sweet fruit being well worth the wounds from the plant’s prickles.

Blackberries might reflect your own personality: you come across as a little bit prickly when first meeting people but you’re actually quite sweet when people get to know you.

The process of getting a blackberry tattoo means being pricked by the needles of the tattoo machine for an extended period of time, but you’ll end up leaving the tattoo shop with the same sense of accomplishment as if you went blackberry picking.

Take a look at these blackberry tattoos but remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy. 


Traditional style blackberry tattoo by @juliacampione
Neo trad badger, helleborne and blackberry tattoo by @lydiatattoos
Blackberry tattoo by @tanvandenbroek
Neo trad blackberry tattoo by @coritattoos
Blackwork blackberry tattoo by @staceygreentattoo
Neo trad blackberry pie tattoo by @jawtattoos
Fox, chickadee and blackberries tattoo by @alexisethomson
Illustrative blackberry and bees tattoo by @tattoosbyanna

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