Bird Month: Tattoo Round-Up


Bird Month has come to an end and unfortunately we didn’t get around to posting all the bird tattoos we wanted [swans, flamingos, owls, swallows], but we did manage to cover 36 species over the 30 days in November.

During the month we learned that despite some birds having the same name, some are not even closely related. We shared over 500 tattoos in a wide range of tattoo styles from tattoo artists from around the globe. As with any post or themed month here on LWG, we hope that you’ve found the next tattoo artist to add to your collection – maybe they’re from the same, city or country that you live, or you’ll take a vacation and fly somewhere new.

We’re moving onto Winter Month in December, but keep a look out on our Instagram or Twitter for when we cover the remaining birds.

Top 20 Puffin Tattoos
Blue-Footed Booby Tattoo Inspiration
Top 20 Kookaburra Tattoos
Top 25 Penguin Tattoos
Top 15 Cockatoo Tattoos
Willy Wagtail Tattoo Inspiration
Top 25 Blue Tit Tattoos
Top 10 Dodo Tattoos
Top 20 Blue Jay Tattoos
Top 25 Cardinal Tattoos
Top 10 Bird Tattoos by Charlotte Timmons
Top 10 Turkey Tattoos
Australian Magpie Tattoo Inspiration
Top 25 Pigeon Tattoos
Gang-Gang Cockatoo Tattoo Inspiration
Top 30 Eurasian Magpie Tattoos
Top 50 Robin Tattoos
Top 10 Crane Tattoos
Top 10 Budgerigar Tattoos
Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Tattoo Inspiration
Top 20 Heron Tattoos
Ibis Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 Chicken Tattoos by Avalon Todaro
Top 15 Pelican Tattoos
Top 15 Kingfisher Tattoos
Cockatiel Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 Chickadee Tattoos
Top 30 Duck Tattoos
Roller Bird Tattoo Inspiration
Pheasant Tattoo Inspiration
Top 20 Vulture Tattoos
Top 30 Chicken Tattoos
Top 20 Toucan Tattoos
Kiwi Tattoo Inspiration
Top 15 Geese Tattoos
                    Top 10 Galah Tattoos