The Simpsons

Barney Gumble Tattoo Inspiration

If there’s one person in Springfield who loves beer more than Homer it is Barney Gumble.

The town drunk and frequent customer at Moe’s Tavern, the character of Barney is a combination of Barney Rubble from The Flinstones and barflies from various other television shows.

Despite his usual pathetic demeanour and drunkenness, belching and slurred words, Barney does actually have an interesting history and backstory.

Barney as a character can be a touchy subject for some people – we’re not here to judge, just to show some tattoos of a Simpsons character beloved by many fans.

Barney Gumble tattoo by @jessicachanner
Barney Gumble inspecting a tribal piece. Tattoo by @dennisbebenroth
Barney Gumble tattoo by @alexstrangler