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BARGAIN BUY: Save Over $100 Off These 10 Nickelodeon Box Sets

In yesterday’s post, I shared with you how to get the newly released seasons of Bob’s Burgers on DVD for a heavily reduced price. Today I’m showing you how to apply a similar process with a different physical media range from JB Hi-Fi.

If you’re nostalgic for ’90s and early 2000s Nickelodeon animated shows, JB Hi-Fi has box set collections of ten of your faves.

With Winter here, make your purchase and get ready for a Nick-Toon marathon.

These are the DVD box sets available:

Rugrats (9 seasons) – 74.98 reduced to 59.98
All Grown Up (5 seasons) – 26.98 reduced to 21.58
Angry Beavers (5 seasons) – 19.98 reduced to 15.98
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (4 seasons) – 15.98 reduced to 12.78
Rocko’s Modern Life (4 seasons) – 26.98 reduced to 21.58
CatDog (4 seasons) – 19.98 reduced to 15.98
Ren and Stimpy (5 seasons) – 39.98 reduced to 31.98
Rocket Power (4 seasons) – 34.98 reduced to 27.98
Hey Arnold (5 seasons) – 44.98 reduced to 35.98
Wild Thornberrys (5 seasons) – 44.98 reduced to 35.98

That’s a whopping 50 seasons across 10 Nickelodeon shows.


If you were to purchase all of the above box sets during JB Hi-Fi’s 20% off sale you would save $70 off the regular retail price. But this wouldn’t be a bargain buy without some further reductions.

If you click here and sign up to Afterpay with my code STACI-5N2GX you will receive a futher $30 off your purchase. Ensure you select Afterpay to checkout either online or instore.

To get these DVDs even cheaper, click this link to become a JB Hi-Fi Perks member where you’ll be given your own code entitling you to receive $10 off your purchase.

Following the Afterpay and Perks reductions, the cost for all 10 box sets would be $239.80 – that’s a saving of 31% or $110.

Based off the original price, each season averaged to $6.99 After the 20% off and additional $40 in savings, it works out to just $4.80 per season. What a bargain!

Already own some of these titles or only want to purchase a couple of these box sets? As long as you spend over $50, you’ll still receive $30 off when paying with Afterpay. Your $10 JB Hi-Fi Perks voucher can be used on any amount of titles – you could pay just $2.78 for Aaahh!!! Real Monsters if that’s all you want! Just ensure you follow the directions above and use both affiliate codes.

The link supplied to Afterpay contains my personal affiliate code. When you sign up and make your first purchase of $50 or more, we’ll both receive $30 off our purchase. Please see the Afterpay website for more information.

The link supplied for JB Hi-Fi Perks is not an affiliate link and I do not receive any compensation for you joining.