Star Wars

AT-AT Walker Tattoo Inspiration

When the characters in Star Wars weren’t travelling through space on the Millennium Falcon or the Death Star, they needed ground transport on planets such as Hoth. Luke Skywalker used Tauntauns, while the AT-AT walkers were used by Imperial ground forces.

An AT-AT may not be your first choice of a Star Wars tattoo, but these pieces may change your mind. Choose an abstract tattoo artist, pair the AT-AT with another vehicle or spacecraft, or focus on the snowy landscape of Hoth; adding another element will create an aesthetically-pleasing tattoo.

Just remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.

Neo trad AT-AT tattoo by @carlybaggins
Traditional style AT-AT tattoo by @laurakennedytattoo
Graphic brushstroke AT-AT tattoo by @fitchtattoos
Neo trad snow globe AT-AT tattoo by @stickypop
Colour realism Stormtrooper and AT-AT tattoo by @steverieckratc
Traditional style X-wing and AT-AT tattoos by @stickypop
Dali inspired AT-AT tattoo by @pony_tbr

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