Star Wars

20 Cute ‘Star Wars’ Tattoos

Cute tattoos ≠ girly or feminine tattoos. Cute may refer to the size, the illustrative nature, the colours, or the animated facial expression on the character. A cute tattoo can be worn by anyone and everyone.

Cute tattoos are simply a different interpretation of the Star Wars characters you know and love. Open your mind and get ready to go ‘awwww’ over these cute Star Wars themed tattoos.

Cute and sparkly Ewok tattoo by @lauraanunnaki
Super sparkly R2-D2 tattoo by @linneatattoos
Neo trad BB-8 styled perfume bottle tattoo by @sparks_electrictattooing
Cute pastel BB-8 tattoo by @alexstrangler
Halloween and Disney themed R2-D2 tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn
Neo trad BB-8 ice cream sundae tattoo by @steverieckratc
Cute Boba Fett enoying his trip to Disneyland tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Cute traditional style Chewbacca tattoo by @keelyrutherford
Cute stylised Chewbacca tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn
Kawaii stylised Rey tattoo by @lilianraya
Cute BB-8 tattoo by @pomme_funhouse
Sparkly kawaii Ewok tattoo by @cocoblaccink
Cute stylised cartoon Stormtrooper, Batman and Joker tattoo by @beny_at_schmerzgalerie
Cute R2-D2 tattoo by @carlybaggins
Cute neo trad Chewbacca and Porg tattoo by @carly.kawaii
Cute and sparkly Chewbacca, Carrie Fisher’s dog with Leia buns, and R2-D2 tattoo by @honestlydear
Cute cartoon style Ewok tattoo by @alexstrangler
Traditional style baby Yoda tattoo by @fakelegfoxtattoo
Baby Darth Vader tattoo by @jessicavtattoos
Cute love heart TIE Fighter tattoo by @stabbygabby

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