Year in Tattoos

1990 in Tattoos

In the fourth instalment in our [Year] in Tattoo series, we’ve compiled a collection of tattoos from a range of media, all of which have some connection to the year 1990.

What’s your favourite album, film or television show from the year 1990? Were you even born then?

Click on the links to learn more about each item and discover the work of some incredible tattoo artists.

Mr. Bean premiered in 1990, and even three decades later remains a beloved Rowan Atkinson character.

Mr Bean and his car tattoo by @coryhaberman

Misery, another film adaptation of a Stephen King novel, was released in cinemas in 1990.

Neo trad Misery typewriter tattoo by @stickypop

The second film in the Re-Animator trilogy, Bride of Re-Animator was released in 1990.

New school Re-Animator tattoo by @bulman_tattoons

In 1990, Adam Sandler was hired as a writer for Saturday Night Live.

Happy Gilmore portrait tattoo by @angie_tattoo

Mr. Burns was originally voiced by Christopher Collins but Harry Shearer took over in 1990.

Mr. Burns tattoo by @alexstrangler

The first of two Uncle Buck television adaptations aired in 1990.

Uncle Buck tattoo by @sadee_glover

The cutest of all Mogwais, Gizmo, returned to cinemas in 1990 with Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

Abstract Vegetable Gremlin tattoo by @rorschart

Stephen King characters dominated both the cinema and television screens in 1990 – the IT television miniseries was released the same year as Misery.

Pennywise tattoo by @anrijsstraume